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You already know how difficult it is to manage laboratory compliance and documentation the old-fashioned way. It involves mountains of paperwork, countless man hours, and is still susceptible to human error. 

MyInspection® changes the game by turning compliance into a cloud-based environment that delivers a clear roadmap to success. What does MyInspection® do? In a nutshell, everything it takes to run a CLIA compliant lab.

  • Problem identification and resolution
  • Instrument calibration and validation
  • Personnel records, responsibilities, and accreditations
  • Personnel proficiency testing
  • Lab protocols
  • Quality control
  • Digital documentation and reporting
  • Digital record retention
  • Digital authorization via electronic signatures
  • And more 

Meeting CLIA regulations and requirements is a monumental responsibility. But it doesn’t have to bog down your lab or shift your focus from doing what you do best. MyInspection® streamlines your process and procedures, while ensuring your lab remains accurate, efficient, and perpetually compliant. Why waste time worrying or wondering when it’s far easier to operate with confidence. 


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