Schedule your FREE Software Demo to see how MyInspection makes CLIA compliance easy!

Schedule your FREE Software Demo to see how MyInspection makes CLIA compliance easy!

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Ditch the binders and papers. Lab inspection just got easier

  • 1 min read

Lab inspections are stressful. But that’s mostly because so many labs are still doing compliance the old-fashioned way – manually weeding through reams of records, filling out endless forms, and making sure everything is properly signed, dated, and filed away for inspection day.

But compliance doesn’t have to be so complicated. More and more labs are moving to electronic records systems. In fact, CMS continues to recommend that laboratories make the transition to digital solutions and the one many facilities are finding works best is MyInspection®.

Why Choose MyInspection®?

MyInspection® is the world’s premier digital, cloud-based compliance solution. It makes CLIA compliance easy by doing all the agonizing work for you and storing it in a secure cloud so you can retrieve it at a moment’s notice from anywhere at any time.

You’ll save time, cut costs, and, most importantly, you’ll be prepared knowing that every document, report and form is complete, accurate and ready for review the moment an inspector makes a request.

MyInspection® includes a document library of required policies, procedures, fillable forms, and helpful tools like e-signatures. You can even import your own documentation. One lab or multiple facilities, you should look into the ultimate electronic records system.

Interested in taking your lab’s compliance into the digital age? Schedule a software demo to see how it can streamline your operations. Transitioning to an electronic records system is not just a convenience—it’s a strategic advantage!

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